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lundi 11 Déc 2023
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DX News Ham Radio Amateur Radio News

DX News DX Information for DXers
  1. 3Y0I Bouvet Island. From DXNews.com
    Due to Dom 3D2USU being kicked out of the 3Y0K Bouvet DXpedition / Project which was made and led by Ken LA7GIA and Dom
  2. VU7A Lakshadweep Islands. From DXNews.com
    The MSHV error logs as well as the N1MM SSB logs were once again uploaded
  3. 9N7AA Nepal. From DXNews.com
    Just back from a resort at the edge of Kathmandu valley but much higher, with a clear shot from 270-90 degrees
  4. TR8CR Gabon. From DXNews.com
    Roland, F8EN ex CN8EM, FO8BV, 3C3CR, TR50R will be active again as TR8CR from Gabon, 28 December 2023 - until end of the February 2024.
  5. T32TT Kiritimati Island. From DXNews.com
    Just part of the log is uploaded to the clublog now. We still working on antennas.
  6. Ham Radio Contest Secrets N6MJ KL9A. From DXNews.com
    Video How They Win: Ham Radio Contest Secrets from N6MJ and KL9A.
  7. ZD7W Saint Helena Island. From DXNews.com
    Oliver, W6NV will be active as ZD7W from Saint Helena Island, IOTA AF-022, in ARRL DX CW Contest, 17 - 18 February 2024.
  8. T48K Cuba. From DXNews.com
    T48K Team will be active from Cuba in ARRL DX 10m Contest, 9 - 10 October 2023.
  9. 7P8EI Lesotho. From DXNews.com
    7P8EI Team will be active from Lesotho, 19 - 30 March 2024.
  10. CB0ZA Robinson Crusoe Island. From DXNews.com
    CB0ZA DXpedition Provides Updated Plans and Mourns the Loss of Marco Quijada, CE1EW
  11. V6EU Chuuk Island. From DXNews.com
    V6EU Team will be active from Chuuk Island, IOTA OC - 011, Micronesia, 4 - 16 December 2023.
  12. TX5S Clipperton Island. From DXNews.com
    We will inventory the tents and review their installation procedures, the Elecraft transceivers will be integrated with the computers, amplifiers
  13. YB9/DL3KZA Lombok Island. From DXNews.com
    DL3KZA will be active as YB9/DL3KZA from Lombok Island and Sumbawa Island, IOTA OC-150, until 18 December 2023.
  14. ZD7Z Saint Helena Island. From DXNews.com
    Elvira Simoncini, IV3FSG will be active as ZD7Z from Jamestown, Saint Helena Island, IOTA AF - 022, 16 January - 4 February 2024.
  15. CY9C Saint Paul Island. From DXNews.com
    The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has agreed in principle to allow our team the opportunity to conduct another DXpedition to the small Northeast Island of St Paul.
  16. PJ2ND Curacao Island. From DXNews.com
    Jeff, K8ND will be active PJ2ND from Curacao Island, IOTA SA - 099, until 31 January 2024.
  17. VU4N Andaman Islands. From DXNews.com
    Krish, W4VKU will be active as VU4N from Andaman Islands, IOTA AS - 001, 16 - 26 December 2023.
  18. H44WA Guadalcanal Island Solomon Islands. From DXNews.com
    Our third station lost its amplifier, so is a dedicated 100w ft8 station when running.
  19. XW4DX Laos. From DXNews.com
    It's almost the end! We are starting to dismantle the antennas today to only keep the Hexbeam, the 40m 4square and the 160m vertical.
  20. 9L5M Sierra Leone. From DXNews.com
    Yesterday, I had a great first sleep in Freetown after being sick during the ferry from Lungi Airport to Freetown.
  21. V47JA Saint Kitts Island. From DXNews.com
    W5JON will be active again as V47JA from Saint Kitts Island, IOTA NA-104, 9 - 18 December 2023.
  22. OA4O Peru. From DXNews.com
    Rolf, ND0T will be active as OA4O Team from Peru in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
  23. OH0X Aland Islands. From DXNews.com
    OH0X Team will be active as OH0X from Aland Islands, IOTA EU - 002 in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
  24. P40L Aruba. From DXNews.com
    P40L Team will be active from Aruba Island, IOTA SA - 036, in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
  25. 4W8X Timor Leste. From DXNews.com
    Propagation was not good. No US on CW but terrible crashes from thunderstorms between Singapore and Tarawa.
  26. DXCC Most Wanted 2023. From DXNews.com
    DXCC Most wanted countries 2023 Club Log version. Updated November 2023.
  27. FW2CW FW5N Wallis Island. From DXNews.com
    Jacky, FW2CW start his activity from Wallis Island.
  28. AH2R Guam Island. From DXNews.com
    AH2R Team will be active from Guam Island, IOTA OC - 026, in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
  29. E2A Thailand. From DXNews.com
    E2A Team will be active from Thailand in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
  30. GU4CHY Guernsey Island. From DXNews.com
    Dick, GU4CHY will be active from Guernsey Island, IOTA EU - 114, in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023, as GU4CHY.
  31. VK9XY Christmas Island. From DXNews.com
    Low band vertical is installed, but still the tuning is pending. QSL card design is ready
  32. PR0T Trindade and Martim Vaz Archipelago. From DXNews.com
    PR0T is QRT. The operations began on November 16th 2003z and finished on November 20th 0600z.
  33. TO1A French Guiana. From DXNews.com
    F5HRY will be active again as TO1A, from French Guiana in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
  34. DXCC Approved. From DXNews.com
    Upcoming 7O2WX Socotra Island, Yemen accepted for DXCC. LOTW certificate received.
  35. 3B8M Mauritius. From DXNews.com
    3B8M Team will be active from Mauritius Island, IOTA AF - 049, in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
  36. C6AQQ New Providence Island. From DXNews.com
    Brian, ND3F will be active as C6AQQ from New Providence Island, IOTA NA - 001, in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.
  37. 7O8AD 7O8AE Yemen. From DXNews.com
    Ken 7O8AD reports, “We are quite satisfied with the stay. We ended on 57,000 QSOs.
  38. 5R8VE Nosy Faly Island. From DXNews.com
    F4EZG will be active as 5R8VE from Nosy Faly Island, IOTA AF - 057, Madagascar, 5 December 2023 - 2 January 2024.
  39. V26K Antigua Island. From DXNews.com
    Bud, AA3B will be active as V26K from Antigua Island, IOTA NA - 100, 19 - 27 November 2023.
  40. NP4Z Puerto Rico. From DXNews.com
    NP4Z will be active from Puerto Rico, IOTA NA - 099 in CQ WW DX SSB SSB Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023.

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